JBL Compact Ceiling Loudspeaker Control 12C/T (White)



KWD 60.000

The speaker is designed to provide excellent sound quality for a wide variety of low to medium volume applications such as music cafes, business music systems, retail stores, music/paging systems, airports, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, courtrooms, convention centers, hotels, educational facilities, and more. The 130 degree coverage is especially wide, delivering consistent sound quality for listeners located both off and on axis. The high technology cone driver is designed with a lightweight high temperature Kapton voice coil former and aluminum coupling ring to reduce distortion and extend the high frequency response of the system. The FEA-optimized motor construction and cone geometry allow for smooth frequency response and improved off-axis performance. A high temperature grade voice coil insures stable performance under long term high power working conditions. The butyl rubber surround provides long-term durability and good sonic damping, and the polypropylene cone s water and humidity resistant. The removable locking connector has screw terminals for secure wire termination and “loop through” terminals. A dual strain relief assembly provides clamping for use with cable or flex conduit. The compact backcan extends only 5.4″ behind the baffle, allowing the speaker to fit into more shallow ceiling areas.